"Small Town Doctor"

by Karen Nappa

A small-town doctor left behind with three young boys. A compassionate woman who can help them heal. But is their town ready for an interracial relationship
A prequel to Small Town Submission
# Multicultural
# African American
# Erotic Romance
# Medical
# Small Town

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Peaceful, Ohio, is a small village in the Appalachian hills. Amidst the scenery of stunning nature, the villagers don’t have much more entertainment than gossip. Local doctor Jacob is a respected member of the community. Coming from a line of farmers and miners, he got himself through college on a scholarship. When he returned to take over old Doctor Johnson’s practice, the town welcomed him like a hero – even when he brought home a city girl as his wife. When his wife abandons him and their three young sons, all the ladies smell blood. Circling him like vultures, Jacob tries to ignore them as best he can. He buries himself in his work because Jacob has had enough of women for the rest of his life. Hester thought teaching young children would be her greatest challenge when she arrived in Peaceful. She isn't expecting to deal with a hostile community and a burned man. Only when he buries the past, can they have a future. Author’s note: Healing Jacob’s Heart is a short (1969) prequel to Small Town Submission by Karen Nappa. It contains spankings, explicit language, and a guaranteed HEA.