"Lou's Discovery"

by Karen Nappa

Follow in the footsteps of a young soldier as he discovers his most important mission.
A man with a mission Military Romance
# Military
# Erotic Romance
# Small Town
# Contemporary
# Multicultural

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Lou escapes the poverty in Peaceful, a small town in rural Ohio, the only way he knows. Like his father, he becomes a soldier. Leaving town, and his best friend behind, is challenging, but Lou focuses on getting through life day by day – living but never truly alive. Not really happy but also not miserable, Lou works hard and earns the respect of both his buddies and his commanding officers. When his army captain introduces him to BDSM, Lou finds a real goal and purpose in his life – one he didn’t even know was missing. Now, Lou is a man with a mission. Lou's Discovery is a short story about a military man discovering his particular brand of the BDSM Lifestyle. We follow Lou at various life-changing events in his military and personal life. It can be read independently and has a Happy for Now ending. Lou and you — our readers — will have to wait for his HEA in Finding Trouble (The Quinn Quartet Book Two).