"Curbing Celine: a Doms in Uniform prequel"

by Karen Nappa

He should know her every desire, but he doubts he knows her at all
A naughty empty-nester and a dominant husband who learns how to curb her behavior
# Seasoned
# Steamy
# Romance
# Contemporary
# Second Chance

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Brock Green loves his job as a police detective, and now that his youngest child has left the nest, he’s looking forward to spending cozy nights with his Celine. Instead, she withdraws from him, and he’s getting increasingly unhappy. Brock throws himself into work until he gets the strangest warning while investigating a murder. When he finds Celine with an almost naked youngster, Brock realizes things need to change. But will his solution save their marriage, or will it kill every last bit of love they have? Curbing Celine is a romantic and erotic second-chance short story by Karen Nappa — author of the international bestselling books Blinded and Healing Jacob’s Heart. It contains a wife desperate for some discipline and a swoon-worthy uniformed hero who needs to follow his heart instead of his head for once.